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Get E Rickshaw Dealership for Bahubali The E rickshaw Manufacturer Company In India


If you are thinking of getting e rickshaw dealership for starting a prosperous business,Bahubali E Rickshaw is a must-visit destination for you. It offers a great collection of all varieties of high performance e rickshaws to choose and buy from.


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E Rickshaw Dealership - Application Form



Basic information

Bahubali E-Rickshaw does not take any deposit from the dealer.

Bahubali E-Rickshaw will send the vehicle only on advance payment. Credit is not given by the company.

Company will supply vehicles as per dealer's order only.

Dealership agreement with the company is renewable after every two years.

Distinct area of operation will be given to the dealership as per 3 “s”
      • Sales
      • Service
      • Spares

Investment and Returns

Other than land and building, dealer will be required to invest as per the following details:

      • Interior (showroom & workshop equipments) – Rs. 50,000 to Rs.1 Lakh

      • Vehicle stock – Equivalent to one month's sale (Minimum10 E-Rickshaw)

      • Spare parts – Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 Lakh

      • Working capital from bank or own funds:

      • Indicated monthly sale potential X Rs.1,00,000.
For example, if the indicated monthly sale potential is 20 vehicles per month, then the working capital required will be 20 X Rs.1,00,000 = Rs.20 Lakh + Spare Parts

Return on investment for Bahubali dealership is estimated in the range of 36% to 72% per annum depends on the area (Vehicle Sales, Workshop revenue & Spare Parts)

Support from Company

Benefit of Exclusivity of the Area (within the Radius) for Dealership


      • 100% Money Back Guarantee on First Order ( order can be of any qty)
      • Opportunity to Earn through Servicing of E rickshaw on Monthly basis.
      • Providing Bank & financial Tie- ups For E Rickshaw Financing.
      • Zero security Deposit.


      • Sales training videos will be shared on regular basis to improve sales at Dealer point.
      • Regular product up gradation to generate more sales.
      • Dedicated relationship manager for full time support.
      • Technical training Support For Service Staff
      • Sales training Support For Sales Staff
      • Easy Spare Parts Availability
      • Parallel opportunity to earn huge Margin on Spares Parts - serving complete Market with Spares.


      • Showroom Branding Will be Provided By Company.
          a. Internal Branding with Flex on all 3 Walls inside.
          b. Main Showroom Board
      • Brochures & Fliers Will Be Provided
      • Monthly/ Quarterly sales Maximisation Schemes - Additional Profit
      • All leads of concerned area will be given to Respected Dealer.
          a. Retail Leads
          b. Bulk Purchase Leads
          c. Sub Dealership Leads
          d. Govt Supply tenders/ Leads
      • Special Videos on Profit generation in E Rickshaw Dealership / Distribution business
      • Sharing Trade Secrets to Become Trade leader in the Market.


      • Special digital Marketing campaign To Create Awareness & to generate leads in Specific Concern Area.
      • Creating online Presence With name & Address of Dealer in the Concerned Area.