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Are You A E Rickshaw Dealer But Not Happy with the type of product & Services you are getting ?

E Rickshaw Dealership

-E vehicles dealers are often seen agitated and upset Due to Absence of Process & Systems . They generate lesser Profits due to lack of support and have to suffer immense losses, despite having spent a ton & only Expecting Good Product from manufacturers. Bahubali has extremely solid Electric E Rickshaw Dealership chain and suppliers in relatively all aspects of the India.

Are you an Electric E Vehicle dealer Facing troubling situations, such as:

  • Are you unable to achieve the monthly sales target?
  • Are you unable to generate a handsome return on investment?
  • Do you find lack of Customer interest in the E Rickshaw Manufacturer which you deal in?
  • Do you see sales declining because of poor product quality or due to notorious brand name?
  • Do you feel disappointed because of poor help and support from manufacturer’s side, whose E Rickshaw you struggle to push forth, for sale?
  • Do you generate poor revenue or face shorter revenue cycle due to diminishing consumer interest?
  • Do you not earn proper potential which is according to your potential in light of a hefty investment that you have made to procure that business?
  • Do you feel Dissatisfied from Electric E Rickshaw manufacturer’s?
  • Do you not foresee any healthy relationship with that Electric E Rickshaw Manufacturer ?
E Rickshaw Dealership and E Rickshaw Manufacturer Company Bareilly
Are you the one who earns only 20 or 30% of your potential and not up to 100% ???

  • It is seen that most of the Electric E rickshaw dealers face a lot of problems,
  • Issues are due to non functioning of processes and due to absence of dealer friendly policies and systems,
  • Even proper dealer centric guidelines are not in place,
  • Dealers unable to get any honour to commitment made from their manufacturers,
  • Most of the e rickshaw dealers suffer from unprofessional and short-sighted manufacture companies,
  • Such lethargic attitude and clear cut business policy reduce the amount of profit that dealers should earn,
  • To dealers, NO honouring of Warranties and Guaranties as promised by manufacturers,
  • If manufacturing company has zero limits on time delivery of stocks to you,
  • If there are found damages in shipping of products to dealers, but E-rickshaw manufacturers refuse to compensate the loss?
E Rickshaw Manufacturer Company in India


Are You the one Who wants to Start E Rickshaw business but you fear some risks? Like:

  • Fear of Associating with an unprofessional manufacturing company,
  • Unable to decide as to which company to get associated with?
  • How the e rickshaw manufacturing company can contribute to sales?
  • No sales support or training is provided from manufacturers side?
  • Do you fear suffering losses?
  • Fear of loss of investment?
  • Do you fear time and money would get wasted?
E Rickshaw Manufacturer Company in India

Clearly, it is surveyed that around 50% of new entrants loose half of the capital due to unprofessional business association with incompetent manufacturers. Besides, there is not provided any meaningful manuals and guidelines to simplify day to day sales operations.
Further, if one continues with same company, it would not take him anywhere

If your Answer is to any of one or more of the above questions if yes , then read on

Announcing Solution: Bahubali E Rickshaw

We Fulfil Dreams - By Making Indians Self Sustained & By Making India Energy efficient Through green Energy.

To provide a relevant solution, Bahubali E Rickshaw has been the brand which has emerged onto the Indian horizon in a bid to provide safe, secure and quick transportation service. With highest Return on investment & World Class system & Process Driven Company . Superb products With great technology .

As name reflects bahubali is here to fulfil the Dreams of 40 Lakh People by 2025 -
We give you Assurance of Life time superb experience while Dealing With us

Our special Emphasis, To Safeguard Dealers’ Interest:

By keeping the dealers/Distributors interest in mind, Bahubali E-Rickshaw managing board has outlined scores of friendly clauses which tilt in the larger interest of them. Some of the points are mentioned as under:

E Rickshaw Manufacturer
  • Maximising Return on investment by Giving Great Value of E Rickshaw.
  • Dedicated Relation Ship Manager For Your support, specially for authorized dealers.
  • Exclusive policies and rules to encourage dealers to earn maximum profits, by pulling sales,
  • Likewise, Bahubali E-Rickshaws are pretty cost effective and are best in quality due to which there is a popular support for our Product.
  • We have discussed with various banks to extend easy finances, when Bahubali E- Rickshaw is being purchased.
  • We enable exclusive service station at our dealers site, with minimal investment and hence, with renowned service, one can easily sell scores of E-Rickshaws in a month.
  • Every record and each bit of data is being kept at head office in the most systematic manner and can be retrieved pretty easily.
  • Massive advertising and marketing is done through reliable mediums like internet and facebook, in order to make the general public aware about our Bahubali E- Rickshaw.
  • With reasonable price and best product, we can easily win the market with limited competition.
  • A fully packed inventory of spare parts is given as a consolatory price and to enable higher sales.
  • We organize Special sales Training camps/webinars , so as to increase sales
  • We provide tips to manage talented workforce at dealers side for mutual benefit.
  • Lost customer analysis tools are shared and cyclical trend is examined for proficiency.
  • Descriptive catalogues and user manuals are provided which can be used by dealers in educating the end consumers about the various qualities and energy efficient techniques of our products.
  • We provide expert guidance with which dealers can easily sell more and we thus tap upon your earning potential.
  • With our precise approach and methodology, dealers can recover upto 90% of more revenue than they actually do.
  • End To End Warranty Policy For Smooth Processing & Hassle Free Servicing.
  • On time every Time , quantity & quality Assurance
  • Promoters having experience of more than 5 years
  • Committed team
  • Month on Month Sales Tracking of dealers
  • Rapid New Product Launches
  • Manuals , process based organisation
  • Best Guarantee Guide lines Across industry
  • Becoming a Partner in a journey of Biggest E Rickshaw Manufacturer of india

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