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We have started our journey of e Rickshaw in 2013. We were directly associated with the induction of e Rickshaw in Motor Vehicle Act. As a team we have worked with Govt of India to bring E- Rickshaw to the common people of India in easy and more efficient way. We have evolved with the time and in year 2014 Govt of India authorised us to create a new model and get it approved from testing agency. Hon’able Road Transport Minister Sh. Nitin Gadkari inaugurated our program and welcomed first authorised and approved E- rickshaw under Motor Vehicle Act.

We are few of the first ones of getting type approvals From ICAT and got approval in 20 States that time. we Have started distribution of E Rickshaws and started to give 10 Days training to E Rickshaw driver and issuing them training certificates. We have given E Rickshaw training to more then 30,000 people, India’s first 50 numbers of E Rickshaw were registered in Delhi through us Only vast experience in E- rickshaw industry from manufacturing, assembling, distribution , trading &, retailing & Servicing.

Idea of Bahubali came from the Issues, which E Rickshaw industry is facing and to fill the gap which most manufacturer are not able to fulfill.


  • Quality and quantity delivered on time – every time
  • System & Process Driven Company
  • High Profits - High Return on investments.
  • Highest Warranty
  • Highest Number of finance Tieups for E Rickshaw financing.


As name reflects bahubali is here to fulfil the Dreams of 40 Lakh People by 2025 -

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