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Indias 1st Book on E-Rickshaw author Mr. Dinesh Goyal, Director Bahubali E-Rickshaw


Dinesh Goyal - Co founder of fastest growing e rickshaw company.

This is the first book on E rickshaw in India

I have 7 years of experience in e-rickshaw industry and I want to share my experience with those who are looking for dealerships and prove that this book well help them to discover 7 horrible mistakes people make while taking e rickshaw dealership.

When I have started my e-rickshaw business I had faced lots of problem & finally reached the position that I am on right now. After doing several mistakes I came to understand whosoever enter into e rickshaw segment do several mistakes, waste their time and not make enough profit. I have already made those mistakes and don't want anyone to repeat those mistakes again & waste their time, money & efforts.

So this book is for those who are into e rickshaw dealership and for those who want to take a rickshaw dealership right now. As per estimate there are 9000 dealers across India and within next 3 years the number is going to be around 45000.

As there is mission of Government of India to make all vehicles electric by 2030, this one product e rickshaw will be going to lead this transition.

As for right now there is no proper information available for those who are entering into e rickshaw so this book will single-handedly give answers to all the questions for up coming dealers in e rickshaw industry.

This book also has special sales secrets of how to increase sales in the existing e rickshaw dealership setups.

I am sure this book if implemented properly will help to increase profit by 37%...